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  • NEW DELHI :Blogmint has been featured in The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape. It is the only product-based Asian company in the Influencer marketing space to be featured in the yearly edition. Marketing Technology Landscape is a yearly feature that acknowledges businesses for their contribution in the Marketing Technology space.

  • NEW DELHI :Blogmint, an automated influencer marketing platform that connects brand with social influencers, has bagged the award for Marketing Technology-Startup of the Year at the DQ LIVE Business Technology Awards 2016.
    The award aims to recognise startups that have broken new ground in using technology to add value to the marketing fraternity.

  • MUMBAI :According to Blogmint's Influencer Marketing Outlook 2016, 86 per cent of marketers will integrate influencer marketing as part of their marketing mix in 2016.The report also stated that 83 per cent of the marketers who engaged in influencer marketing in 2015 found it effective.

  • NOIDA :With social media becoming ubiquitous, today's generation follows social media stars as closely as movie stars and sports celebrities. As a result, businesses of all sizes increasingly engage social influencers as part of their marketing strategy to connect with the social and mobile-first consumers in 2015.

  • New Delhi :Blogmint, a product-based influencer marketing platform, on Thursday announced its expansion into Indonesia. Part of The New Ventures, Blogmint helps brands connect and collaborate with 20,000 social media influencers, including influencers, vloggers, Twitterati and Instagramers.

  • New Delhi :Blogmint, a marketing platform connecting brands with influencers, vloggers and micro-influencers, had launched a ‘Blogistan’ campaign to “unify the currently scattered blogging community in India�?, the company said in a press statement on Friday.

  • Rashi Bisaria : Some of the recent brand, campaign and product launches have been led by influencers, the new celebrities on digital media whose reach and impact can touch millions. Brands have woken up to the importance of influencers and their carefully worded recommendations, that go a long way in cajoling customers to take to the brand. Each sector has certain opinion leaders who have built their own equity with a large follower base and they are being tapped to spread the message. It is now proved beyond doubt that they can be the best mouth pieces for the brand communication, working wonders in creating strong brand engagement. But how can brands find these influencers? How can they get them to understand their positioning and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them? That’s where Influencer Marketing platforms like Blogmint prove to be handy.

  • MUMBAI : Marketplace for influencers Blogmint has launched a pan-India program to educate social influencers on the adoption of responsible blogging. Influencer Marketing, which is already a global marketing phenomenon is increasingly being adopted in India and there is an urgent need for Influencers to adopt the ethical ways of promoting content be it on blogs, vlogs or micro-blogs.

  • AHMEDABAD : With the explosion of startups, work assignments of Twitter and blog influencers have surged in recent times. Young Twitter influencers like Amit Panchal and Swati Kungwani and India's top influencers -- Harsh Agrawal and Arvind Passey -- have their hands full, trying to get a sense of the needs of startups.

  • MUMBAI : India is witnessing the rise of social stars, the new age influencers who create and share interesting and valuable social content with the niche audiences that follow them. They might be influencers with sizable readerships, or socially savvy users with loyal followers on Twitter, YouTube, Vine or Instagram.

  • MUMBAI : India’s first automated marketplace Blogmint, which connects brands and influencers, has joined hands with DMAi to launch a first-of-its-kind executive session on the adoption of influencer marketing in India.

  • MUMBAI : TTN Ventures, the parent firm of digital entertainment network #fame, is looking to raise up to $30 million (around Rs 190 crore) in a third round of funding by September, a top company official said today.

  • MUMBAI : Blogmint, a part of TO THE NEW Ventures, has launched a new campaign to discover emerging blogging talent in the country. Called #BloggerDreamTeam, the campaign aims to recognize emerging talent in the fields of blogging, video blogging and microblogging. The campaign will be spearheaded by Harsha Bhogle, who will handpick the influencers. - See more at:

  • Fifa

    New Delhi : As soccer stars fight it out on the field in the World Cup in Brazil, football influencers are also competing in the virtual world in a unique World Cup of their own. A networked community of influencers managed by Tangerine Digital announced the launch of Football Influencers World Cup in India. The championship will take place between 32 football influencers, divided into eight groups, and top two from each group after the league stage, will qualify to the knockout stages.

  • MUMBAI : Tangerine Digital managed and promoted, Blogmint, has launched an app for cricket enthusiasts, world over. Called ‘The Loudest Cheer’, the app aims to connect all the aficionados of the much awaited seventh season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to their supporting teams. The official launch of the app will take place at a gala event on 16 April, 2014 at Reverb, Noida.