To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise

Wondering where to find the best fitness blogs? Get motivated by these strong Health & Fitness bloggers. On the basis of popularity and following we have listed down top 15 health and fitness influencers who will motivate you.

Bombay Fitness project is brain child of Ryan pereira, he started this to help people understand their body and mind better. You can visit Bombay Fitness Project to find solutions to the avalanche of questions you may have with regards to Exercise, Recovery, Food, Reviews (Food, Active-wear and Fitness Tech) and Mindset (Psychology and Motivation). This blog is educating you about what really matters and what really needs to be inculcated to build a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Ranveer Allahbadia is a certified fitness and wellness coach. Check out BeerBiceps to know more about workouts, diet plans, health food and MOTIVATION. He himself is a leading example of transformation from being “Fat” to “Fit”. He aims to make this country a fitter place.

Jia Singh is a Delhi based travel, food and wellness writer.She contribute to her blog Wandering for Wellness and also is host of publications in India and overseaslike Robb Report, Vogue, Womens Health, and Harpers Bazaar. She writes on body positivity,wellness, fitness trends and healing hotels worldwide. This blog offers all facets of wellness- emotional, physical,spiritual and find holistic solutions to achieving peace, balance and finding joy in everyday things.

The owner of this interesting blog is Neha Ghosh, who is a fitness enthusiast and a certified diet therapist. She believes that one can get fit and feel great, without feeling guilty about their lifestyle habits. Don’t go by the name ‘Put That Cheeseburger Down‘, because Neha Ghosh could live on French fries if she could!

Anjali is a traveler, explorer, and an adventurer. She love going to places, hiking, and all sorts of outdoorsy activities. Her blog was also inspired by her own transformation: from a girl who grew up in a health-conscious household, to the college student that indulged and “fell off the wagon”, to the new graduate that learned to be “picky” about what she put into her body, to the wife that learned to cook and used her “picky eater” philosophy to help her husband eat healthier.

Ayesha Billimoria popularly known as Fit Girl is aiming to reach out to people who want a Fitter, Healthier, MIND & BODY. She believes that a fit mind creates a Fit Body. She is a winner of all India Track & Field Athlete (400mtrs), a Fitness trainer, Athletics coach and a Model. She posts her workout routines on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

After years of chasing deadlines at various corporate jobs, followed by full time motherhood and now a work from home mom – This blogger discovered running in 2009. There’s been no looking back ever since. She has participated in numerous races in India and the Philippines – which include half marathons, full marathons and ultra runs on road and on trails.

Padmavati Iyengar is a certified zumba trainer. If you are not fan of running or weight training then you should try your hands at zumba. She posts her workout videos on her YouTube channels. She will show you how you can do zumba and be fit by dancing on your favourite tune.

Radhika Bose is a fitness addict and a pure yoga lover. She loves the whole concept of body mind and soul and how all three are interconnected. She has been practicing yoga from last 9 years and you can see that on her Instagram account. To her fitness is not about following strict routine, it is mixing fun with fitness and challenging herself and that’s you can see in her blog.

Raghav Pande is a Delhi based Fitness consultant who has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition.He is professionally trained in Plyometrics, Kick boxing, Resistance training, core training and interval training (cardio vascular). You can find his workout tips and videos on his Facebook & YouTube channel. You might want to check out his “flabs to abs in 4 weeks” series on YouTube to grab some motivation.He is also the Winner of “The You Tube Next Trainer” Contest and was featured in Forbes International. is one source of health, fitness, running, marathon and inspirational news from around the world. It’s a leading health & fitness blog in the country today which was started with an objective to inspire people by sharing relevant news, features articles, updates from the world of running, marathon, fitness and health. They also provide listing of all the upcoming marathons happening in India.

Payal Banka is a Registered Dietician and an MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management. On she writes about diet plans, nutrition and health related articles.Their healthy recipes will help you in turning the boring food into tasty healthy food and articles will help you in exercising smartly and precisely. So head on to this blog if you are looking for healthy recipes or diet plans.

FitNut is an Indian Wellness Portal working in the fitness, nutrition and healthy living space! They provide personal and virtual fitness training in Delhi but their blog is too good if you are looking for weight-loss motivation. They feature topics like myth busters, weight-loss, remedies for instant relief etc. It’s more of a wellness portal rather than those typical health websites.

Apart from being a published author of the globally acclaimed book, ‘ The Great Indian Diet ‘ ( with Shilpa Shetty) and ‘Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right – Your Personal Health Coach’, LUKE COUTINHO practices in the field of integrative and lifestyle medicine, holistic nutrition, and exercise Physiologist. Luke has been involved in holistic nutrition, coaching and fitness ever since he graduated from IHM with specialization in food science and nutrition. You got to see his instagram handle where he keep on featuring weekly challenges like “1 week no sugar” and you will also get to know about naturopathy. is managed by Vineetha. Through her blog she wants to provide concepts of healthier and holistic life. She calls herself a ‘health practitioner’ and believes that there are natural ways to treat medical conditions and maintain a healthy life. This blog aims to deliver complete and authentic information about healthy food habits and tip.It also share amazing facts and instructional information about weight loss ideas, diet tips and nutrition facts.