An Almanac for the Wanderlust

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page” – this famous quote from Augustine of Hippo aptly represents the spirit of those with itchy feet. Desire to explore new locales and find solace in discovering the beauty of nature all over the world is what keeps the wanderlust asking for more. There is no doubt that all of us have created our own bucket lists at some point and wish to visit those exotic settings with our loved ones in our lifetime.

However, we are always stuck when it comes to planning an affordable and memorable trip as we are not sure about either the destination and sightseeing places or hotel and transport services. Fret not, for all travel lovers out there, here is a list of the 15 best travel bloggers who have been there and done that. Get complete dope from people with firsthand experience of visiting the most sought-after holiday destinations, where to eat and where to stay according to your budget. Whether you wish to visit the sublime wonders of the European continent or become a part of the glitz and glamour of the USA, Singapore, and Hong Kong or bask under the glorious sun on a hammock in Thailand, Bali or Mauritius – these avid travellers can make your holiday an experience of a lifetime with their honest advice and detailed journey schedules.So plan a great itinerary and make the most of your much awaited trip on your next holiday. Just scroll down to find more:

Calling out to all the adventure-seekers, this blog takes you through the marvels of Himalayas with the epic encounters shared by the writer – Dheeraj Sharma, who is a software developer by profession. True to his job, his blog is an absolute delight to browse through offering easy navigation and dynamic images. The guy is passionate about his travels and has gone an extra mile to create a DoW(Devil On Wheels) travel community and forum on his blog where visitors can ask questions, get itinerary advice, find travel partners, read the most comprehensive travel guides and articles and get travel updates apart from the usual info on best places to visit, stay and eat. If you are more of a swashbuckling traveller, then do pay a visit to his blog.

The solo travellers can take a cue from ShivyaNath’s blog on her incredible trips throughout the world all by herself. From her hitch-hiking tour of Romania to living in the chocolate farms of Costa Rica – you can read the niceties about some exquisite places on the world map in her engaging write-ups. What’s more?She has been voted as the best Indian travel blogger by Vogue India for 2015 and has been featured on various leading publications and channels like Times of India, BBC Travel, NDTV, etc. Her blog’s ‘My Travels’ section gives out continent-wise stories with some awe-inspiring pictures. So get inspired and take the plunge!

A beautiful array of stunning images from picturesque corners of India welcomes visitors to this blog that captures the essence of the country and some foreign lands in the most unique way. The writer Mridula Dwivedi takes you on an unforgettable journey as you live through her travel experiences. Her blog has been linked to the likes of BBC and The Guardian and she offers plethora of hotel reviews that can help you decide the perfect stopover for your journey. There is a separate section for adventure enthusiasts, which narrates her adrenaline pumping activities at various places. In addition, you can find all transport data on Indian Railways, buses and air travel to your preferred destination for utmost convenience.

If there is one blog that offers all encompassing information on travelling, it is ‘Be on the Road’ by Sankara. His exhaustive list of travel tips helps you make a travel checklist, book cheap flights, stay fit on your trip, get tips on capturing striking pictures, do financial planning and much more. The ‘Incredible India’ section on the blog gives the list of all top holiday types like food trails, motorcycling, monsoon vacation, honeymoon destinations, etc. So you can make your pick and embark on a well-planned vacation. Plus, you can find a section devoted to pictures and videos that will give you an idea of the awaited journey.

If you are looking for the most visited destinations that can be explored with families especially in and around India, then you must read this blog by Prasad Np. Get an insight into the holy temples and towns of India and realize your adventurous dreams with his expeditions involving religious sanctuaries, wildlife, trekking and exploring. You can also get some advice on travelling to locales like the US, UK, Switzerland, Thailand and Hong Kong.

IndraniGhose’s travelogues comprising 19 countries and 222 cities are something that no travel-lover should miss. Her thoughtful pictures showcasing the attractions as well as souvenirs can make you visit the places almost immediately. She summarizes each venture exceptionally with her emotions and verbose writing. It is a great read for all those who love minimalist write-ups.

Find a state-wise and nation-wise account of Lakshmi Sharath’s exploits all over the world with a special emphasis on Indian villages. Get to know about the unique culture and natural wonders of the hinterlands in your own country in the mesmerising writing of the backpacking author. Her blogs have been featured on various leading dailies and her observant articles on the blog take you through the rustic environs of India in a fantastic way. So get inspired and go check out these places for yourself.

If the mystic and spiritual interest you, then you must read this blog by Arti Shah that explores the religious sites and pilgrimages across India. In her subtle writing you can experience her love for a soul-searching travel while taking in the wondrous settings. The accompanying beautiful pictures will rekindle your search for the divine and the writings will let you know a lot more about the pious lands of the country and its amazing festivals that are celebrated with great fervour.

This exceptional piece of artwork will blow your mind away with its spectacular images. The photo blog by Joshi Daniel exhibits a myriad of portraits and aesthetic pictures from all over India that will win your heart. These beautiful images capture the captivating culture, intriguing lifestyle and interesting concepts from every nook and corner of the country. You can bet on refuelling your passion for travel after looking at these masterpieces. His blog is followed by many international photographers as well.

Check out this amazing blog by Rajesh Prabhu that features alluring travel destinations in India especially historical sites and religious shrines as well as other popular tourist places. He even elaborates on the historical significance of these places and gives best possible information to make you interested in visiting them. There are also write-ups about the colourful festivals and traditions of the nation that will keep you hooked to his posts comprising delightful imagery.

Revealing the unexplored corners of the already known destinations in India, NeelimaVallangi’s blog takes you on a vicarious sojourn that leaves you asking for more. Articulated in the most vivid manner, her posts bring forth her travel addiction. She has travelled to 20 states and UTs in the country and each write-up just makes you pack your bags and leave for the place. Her blog also offers photo essays, monsoon blogs, Himalayan odysseys, and adventure diaries. Plus, she has personal views on a lot of problems faced by travellers neatly tucked under the ‘Rants’ section. You can even ask her questions and get a personalised response within a week to ease your travel concerns.

This urbane blog by Siddharth Joshi is a magical potpourri of personal feelings and exotic travels that will leave you mesmerised. Juxtaposed by brilliant pictures that tell a hundred tales, these posts are quite stimulating. From talking about the culture and street food to art and architecture, his blogs capture the soul of places across the globe. You can also go through detailed reviews of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops supported with elaborate pictures to make your travel easier. You can also find travel tech related posts reviewing iPhone photography and much more. Making the blog interactive, he has started the ‘tell me your dream’ initiative where people share their pictures along with their dreams.

Penning down his memorable journeys in India, the subcontinent and some foreign nations, Ajay Jain offers an objective travel guidebook with riveting images and videos. His ebooks can be downloaded or read online from the blog to get an insight into the beautiful destinations visited by the blogger. His Kunzum Travel Cafe gives readers an opportunity to share their travel stories, find travel partners along with the chances of attending workshops by travellers and photographers. Get more info on travel photography and technologyas well as reviews of travel books via his posts. There are hotel reviews too that can make your holidays even more splendid.

If you like walking, then you must read the walking trail posts by AnuradhaGoyal on this blog. Taking you through the streets, she conjures up images of the social and cultural milieu of India that can be hardly found anywhere else. She has also charted a lot ofinternational terrains and offers a splendid view of her tours through her well-written posts. You can also get a peek into reviews of hotels and restaurants she visited on her trips. Her work has been featured in media several times that makes her writings all the more unavoidable.

A brilliant photographer and travel writer, Arun Bhat charms readers with his fascinating tales from India and South East Asia. His travelogues echo the beauty and diversity of each destination in the best possible manner and offer great info including hotel reviews and analysis. Coming from the horse’s mouth, these reviews are indeed quite helpful for first-time travellers. Adding more zest to his posts are the incredible pictures that bring to life his expeditions. Some of his photography tours are a sight for the sore eye.

So check out these travel blogs and plan a wonderful holiday that will put a smile on your loved one’s faces. All the best!